What Others Are Saying About Us

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Executive Data Control uses DaZZee as their IT services provider to free up time, save money and to ensure problems are taken care of quickly and efficiently. Watch the testimonial their management team as they explain the benefits of managed IT.


Prior to using DaZZee Integrations we were experiencing wild swings in technology expenses, loss of revenue from network downtime, overburdened internal staff trying to fix issues to help control the costs of IT, and endless headaches. After using DaZZee – our expenses are budgeted and predictable every month, our internal staff is freed up to focus on revenue generating activities, our network has calmed down and our management team is no longer distracted by maintenance issues from our technology!

– Steve Visio, Owner of Executive Data Control/Heligonix

First Baptist Church improves security with network infrastructure and secure wireless from DaZZee

During the installation we had a few questions and items which needed additional attention; The DaZZee engineers have been immediate in responding to any issues which needed additional tweaking. It’s difficult to place a value on that type of customer care because not all businesses work that way- especially in a technology-driven field.

Expert installation and personnel. The DaZZee engineers have offered additional suggestions which we have benefited from such as suggesting we could improve our connectivity speed by checking with CenturyTel and upgrading our dsl for a nominal cost. We weren’t even aware that was an option or that it would be inexpensive. That was outside of his contractual responsibilities; however, they took the time to share that information with us.

– Amy Boff, First Baptist Church

Tri-State Engineering gains competitive edge with Unified Communications from DaZZee

DaZZee Integrations understood our special needs and allowed our operation to make an almost seamless transition to an IP based telephone system. They took our problems and concerns seriously throughout the transition process and went beyond expectations in resolving any issues. DaZZee Integrations is able to implement successful solutions because they understand and address their client’s needs and requirements.

– Jason Robertson, Tri-State Engineering

Shepherd of the Hills Entertainment Group Saves THOUSANDS of dollars a month with Unified Communications from DaZZee

When it comes to technology and how it related to our companies, my number one goal was to increase functionality and decrease expenditures. Having DaZZee Integrations review our expenses and evaluate our needs really paid off. We were able to consolidate the number of incoming lines and connect all of our properties with one uniform system. The end result was exactly what we were looking for – better features, lower costs!

– Gary Snadon, Owner, Shepherd of the Hills Entertainment Group

KTRI Saves Thousands of Dollars with DaZZee

The monitoring service from DaZZee has already paid for itself within the first month of use! We would have lost an entire weekend of revenue if DaZZee had not been able to detect that the hard drive on our server was rapidly filling up due to a log file rotation issue. Before we had this service we would have had to wait until Monday morning and call someone to fix the issue – DaZZee notified us before the issue occurred and saved us over $2000 easily!

– Larry Pittman, CFO, KTRI 95.9 FM