Month: May 2018

DaZZee Adds Aruba Networks To Our Products and Services

  We are proud to announce we have added Aruba Networks as an incredible partner and product suite of offerings for our clients. Aruba’s – Mobile First approach focuses on delivering an unmatched wired and wireless experience for today’s mobile environments. By designing the network to support mobile devices first and foremost it provides industry […]

Software Developers Are Lazy And Are Putting You At Risk

Thats right, we said it… software developers are lazy!     Why such strong words for the creative minds that make the amazing applications that run all of our business operations, and even make our personal lives better?  Simple – software developers are very creative when it comes to developing, but very lazy when it comes […]

Why the Client Experience is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in business now.

As a business owner I have worked with numerous other businesses, organizations, and individuals over the past 24 years in the IT industry. One of the things that always intrigues me is why people make the decision to change from a particular provider, software, vendor or any other business partner. Creating long-term business relationships is […]