A Business Owner’s Guide To Technology Podcast

Shane Naugher

The Business Owners Guide To Technology PodcastWe are super excited to announce our first ever Podcast launching in August 2018! DaZZee will be hosting - A Business Owner’s Guide To Technology Podcast with the intent of providing relevant content and help when it comes to technology from a business owner’s perspective. DaZZee owner - Shane Naugher, and Technology Success Advisor - Eric Goethals will be the hosts of the Podcast and each bring over 20 plus years experience to the table when it comes to business technology. As a small business owner himself, Shane knows all-too-well the challenges facing most business owners and how exciting as well as frustrating technology can be in the operations of business. Eric brings the in-depth consultive approach to create a balanced and relevant discussion.

The Podcast will focus on business topics that small and medium businesses face on a daily basis and pertinent recommendations and advice to give listeners a well rounded basis for making decisions within their own businesses. The advantage of the Podcast platform is that it allows a longer form medium that listeners can consume in their car on the way to work, or on a flight without the need for a full screen attention.

Upcoming episodes will include;

  • Discussions of Cloud and Apps relevant for businesses today
  • Security recommendations and instructions to put into practice
  • Blueprints for a more effective business through the use of technology solutions
  • Budget development recommendations around technology
  • Industry leaders for guest appearances
  • And much more in the coming months


How Can You Get It?

A Business Owner’s Guide To Technology will be available on iTunes, Stitcher, RSS feed, as well as directly on our website.

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