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Using ZOOM? – Make Sure To Secure It!

Using ZOOM? – Make Sure To Secure It!

Chances Are – You Have Been On A Zoom Conference In The Last Few Weeks – But Is It Secure? The short answer to this is – maybe 🙂 . If you have paid attention to the news (and who hasn’t in the last few weeks) you are probably aware of some significant security concerns […]

Software Developers Are Lazy And Are Putting You At Risk

Thats right, we said it… software developers are lazy!     Why such strong words for the creative minds that make the amazing applications that run all of our business operations, and even make our personal lives better?  Simple – software developers are very creative when it comes to developing, but very lazy when it comes […]

Why So Many Business Owners and Managers Bury Their Head In The Sand On Security

Recently we had a client of ours get upset with our answer to a simple question.  While the question was simple, the answer was not so simple.  The client wanted to let a potential new vendor get access to their server to be able to analyze their current data in preparation for what they would […]