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Microsoft Teams

TEAMS: Blur or change your background on a video call

TEAMS: Look like you are in one room

TEAMS: Master ALL the shortcuts

TEAMS: Only allow interruptions from your boss

TEAMS: Quickly mute your mic during a call

TEAMS: Quickly turn off your camera during a call

TEAMS: Send messages without breaking your workflow

TEAMS: Stop the pings with Do Not Disturb mode

TEAMS: Turn a quick email into a message

TEAMS: Swap to the right mic during a call

TEAMS: Stop writing posts that are 1 sentence long

TEAMS: Share the right screen during a call

TEAMS: Setup your camera and mic before a call

TEAMS: Find out if someone is free without having to check

TEAMS: Create a personal voicemail message

Microsoft Outlook

OUTLOOK: Send emails without reaching for the mouse

OUTLOOK: Automatically file incoming emails

OUTLOOK: Create a good folder structure for your emails

OUTLOOK: Reply to emails without using your mouse

OUTLOOK: Insert text into emails really quickly

OUTLOOK: Sort your emails into eye-catching categories

OUTLOOK: Set your email signature

OUTLOOK: Make a new contact automatically

OUTLOOK: Set your Out of Office auto-response message

OUTLOOK: Keep important email folders at the top

OUTLOOK: Send a team email with one click

OUTLOOK: Stop the annoying email notification sound

OUTLOOK: See all your calendars in a single screen

OUTLOOK: Add other country calendars to your own

OUTLOOK: Create shortcuts for frequently used functions

Microsoft Excel

EXCEL: Always see the headings when scrolling

EXCEL: Easily zoom in and out

EXCEL: Get to the top row without scrolling

EXCEL: Instantly see all data in columns & rows

EXCEL: Speed up typing

EXCEL: Do super-fast sums without formulas

EXCEL: Turn numbers into money with one click

EXCEL: Save time adding new columns or rows

EXCEL: Create ranges of data without doing any typing

EXCEL: Swap rows into columns and vice versa

EXCEL: Make dull data stand out and become dynamic

EXCEL: Insert live Excel data into Word

EXCEL: Make a drop-down list to select from

EXCEL: Understand your data with super-fast graphs

EXCEL: Combine text from two cells into one

Microsoft Word

WORD: Concentrate and type more

WORD: Do whatever you want with one click

WORD: Get rid of the annoying welcome screen

WORD: Insert chunks of text with a click

WORD: Insert chunks of text with short codes

WORD: Do mass personal emailing

WORD: Print mass personal letters

WORD: Start a new document quicker

WORD: Swap text to capitals and back on the keyboard

WORD: Start a bullet-pointed list in just one click

WORD: Save documents much more quickly

WORD: Never lose vital work when you click Save

WORD: Send the fonts used in your document

WORD: Create your own text format and use it quickly

WORD: Compare 2 documents really easily

WORD: Change lots of text all in one go

Microsoft PowerPoint

POWERPOINT: Add sound to your slides

POWERPOINT: Change your pointer to grab attention

POWERPOINT: Create and insert screen recordings

POWERPOINT: Send the fonts in your presentation

POWERPOINT: Make everything symmetrical

POWERPOINT: Turn a Word document into a PowerPoint

POWERPOINT: Use 3D models in your slides

POWERPOINT: Remove the background from images quickly

POWERPOINT: Say goodbye to boring bullet-points

POWERPOINT: Grab attention by live zooming in your presentation

POWERPOINT: Quickly blank the screen during a slideshow

POWERPOINT: Live draw on your slides to grab attention

POWERPOINT: Turn your presentation into a video

POWERPOINT: Insert elegant invisible links in your presentation

POWERPOINT: Live draw on your slides to grab attention