DaZZee Managed Compliance Makes Getting Compliant And Staying Compliant Easy

So You Can Rest Easy And Focus On Your Operations

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Scheduled Audits and Compliance Checks

Continually making sure you are complaint and documenting the audits each month

Targeted Action Items

Any deficiencies are identified and a corrective action plan developed to get you compliant and keep you compliant

Avoid Costly Fines

By regularly auditing, developing a corrective action plan and fully documenting, you avoid costly penalties and legal actions

Compliance Areas Covered

HIPAA Compliance
PCI Compliance
NIST Compliance

DaZZee's Unique Process Can Make Compliance Easy

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Our Simple 3 Step Plan To Make Managing Your Compliance Easy

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See In Action How DaZZee Managed Compliance Can Help Your Organization

We Schedule A NO RISK Audit

We Conduct An Initial Audit Of Your Environment

See Results

From The Audit You Will See Areas That Need To Be Addressed And You Can Choose Whether To Proceed With A Monthly Managed Compliance

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Industries Served

19 Years Experience Helping Clients From Winnipeg Canada - All The Way Down To The Florida Keys

Financial and Banking
K-12 Schools
Medical and Dental
City Government

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DaZZee I.T. Services Is The Best Decision We Ever Made!

Working with Dazzee I.T. Services we formulated a plan and we have been able to upgrade our computer equipment over time.  They worried about the details and reminded us so it could be included in the budget.  If the funds were not available, they understood and we worked on it for the next budget year. Dazzee listens to understand the issues and their customer service is top notch.  There is none better.  They truly care. Don’t hesitate any longer, they will take so much worry off your plate if you are trying to manage your IT, especially if you are a smaller entity and can’t afford in house employees and the cost of upgrading equipment. Best decision for the City of Camdenton
Renée Kingston
Assistant City Administrator

You Won’t Find A Better IT Solution Than DaZZee I.T. Services

As our company grows, our IT needs inevitably complexify, so having a team dedicated to keeping track of everything—that makes a world of difference! IT firms we’ve worked with in the past were reactive, responding to issues when needed, and then putting our company out of mind as they moved on to the next. When we needed them to put out a proverbial fire, it sometimes took a frustrating length of time to get help. Dazzee is a proactive IT company—they look ahead and prevent most catastrophes before they ever arise, and when emergencies do come up, they’re quick to respond, and are already familiar enough with our environment that assistance is streamlined and problems are solved in short order.  You won’t find a better IT solution than DaZZee I.T. Services. From our history working together, they’ve repeatedly demonstrated a passion for best practices, proactivity, positive attitudes and a willingness to revise their processes and priorities based on the newest available information from IT industry innovators.
Chance Garton

DaZZee I.T. Services Has Really Helped With Our Productivity!

We have seen a significant decrease in downtime when we have an IT issue since switching to DaZZee I.T. Services.  We are able to call when we have an IT issue and the Dazzee Team begins work on it as quickly as possible.  We have gone from previously being down maybe a day before to now as short as minutes.  It has really helped with productivity and customer service for our residents and businesses. Most beneficial for us is the ability to look ahead and plan for growth.  Not only fulfilling our current needs but helping us plan for the future so we are being wise when investing. IT services are an investment.  We had to plan for the cost as a small community, however the time we save internally troubleshooting on our own and having the right equipment for our current needs and for growth has exceeded our expectations of saving time and money.  Also, the customer service provided by the entire Dazzee Team is greatly appreciated and noticed as important in their business philosophy.  
Denise Olmstead
Deputy City Administrator
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