Backup and Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive backup solution for your data

From serving your clients to dealing with vendors and forecasting sales, you rely heavily on your data to run business operations and generate revenue. But what happens when all, or even some of your data, is lost as a result of disasters? Your clients will have lost their trust in you, and you could be forced to pay huge fines from not being compliant with industry regulations. As a business owner this is a situation you’ll want to avoid at all costs.

Enter DaZZee Integrations’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution. Our experts will ensure the safety and availability of your data, so you’ll be able to carry out business operations normally in the event of a disaster.

With our Backup and Disaster Recovery solution, you’ll get:

  • Cloud backup – your data is protected in our cloud servers
  • Instant troubleshooting – problems are addressed and solved immediately
  • Data restoration – restore massive amounts of data in a matter of minutes
  • Advanced technology – we deploy best-in-class backup technology from industry-leading vendors

Why put everything you’ve worked so hard to build at risk? Give your data the protection it needs with DaZZee Integrations’s Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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