Build Your IT

DIRTFT – thats our guiding principle.  For those not familiar that acronym stands for Do It Right The First Time.  When it comes to your IT and technology infrastructure by putting the emphasis on building it right the first time, you will reap the benefits of better performance, heightened security, and long term scalability for years to come.  Too many times IT vendors cut corners to save time or because they simply do not have the experience to build a solid technology infrastructure to support a business environment.

DaZZee spent years as a contractor for Southwestern Bell designing, building, and maintaining complex scalable networks for banks, hospitals, and corporate environments before becoming a managed service provider.  Those same principles that the large enterprise environments abide by can apply all the way down to the small and medium sized businesses today.

By meeting with you and understanding the long-term vision of the organization, what your competitive advantage is in your industry, and how technology can be a catalyst for these, DaZZee helps design the proper technology infrastructure to meet the goals of the organization while keeping budgets in mind, all while making sure to not compromise the overall solution.  Instead of expecting you to know the technology jargon, and the nuts and bolts of all the aspects, DaZZee helps you focus on your business, not your technology.  Technology is just a tool to deliver the outcomes you desire.

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