Continual Business Alignment

Part of what sets DaZZee apart is that we understand that your operations and your technology change over time and we have developed our process to make sure what you install today is still efficient and delivering the results you need years down the road.  That means that you can’t just assume things are working correctly or efficiently – you have to verify and continually compare what you have versus what you need.

DaZZee’s Virtual IT clients get;

  • Continual analysis – We analyze your environment on a scheduled and continual basis so that your decisions are based on data, not just assumptions.
  • Comparison against industry best practices – To insure you get the best results and to lower your risk and liability.
  • Benchmarking – To plot and track your performance over time to insure improvement on a continual basis.
  • Regular checklists – diligence to standards and process is what ensures you get better results.

Most IT vendors install infrastructure and software and never touch it or analyze it until there is a problem.  If you look back at your operations and think about the problems you experience, chances are when the software/hardware/solution was put in place it worked fine when it was installed.  However now you experience issues.  What changed, the software/hardware/solution or the environment?  The ability to continually analyze and compare your operations is the key to better results.

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