Secure Your IT

Small businesses are now the main target for network and security breaches. This is mainly because most small and medium businesses do not have the depth of expertise to properly build and secure the IT environment. DaZZee will work with your business to determine the proper process, infrastructure, and polices are implemented to properly secure your business from the bad guys.

Security does not mean just having a firewall and antivirus in place and up to date.  While those are important aspects, security goes well beyond these basic components.  Security must be integrated from the ground up.  Once in place it has to be monitored constantly to detect anomalies, and prevent breaches.  Security extends beyond just hardware and software to provide a safe working environment.  Your people are one of the biggest components of your security approach and DaZZee helps you build and maintain a security practice around your staff, partners, and vendors as well.


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