End-User Security Awareness Training

Your biggest security risk to your business isn’t a piece of hardware or software, it’s your people!  The number one reason that ransomware is growing at an exponential pace is that end-users keep falling for it and clicking malicious links.  It used to be fairly straight forward – tell your people to never open an attachment from anyone they are not expecting an email with an attachment on.  With the recent wave of ransomware attacks, it is getting increasingly tougher for your staff to recognize what is legitimate versus what is fake.  From emails that look like they are from Apple telling you that you need to reset your password, to emails that look like they are from the owner of the company telling the end-users they need to activate the new payroll portal, your employees are more vulnerable than ever.

With DaZZee’s End-User Security Awareness Training You Get

  • Interactive up to date training on the latest threats
  • Scoring of your staff to know who is most at risk
  • Ongoing training tailored to the areas of weakness by employee
  • Reporting by employee and department on a scheduled basis

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