Helping your end-users get support in a expeditious and efficient manner is of utmost importance to ensure that your organization operates at peak efficiency.  While our ultimate goal is to reduce the number of times you need to reach out to get help – we know that you will have to call or email for help on some items.  The key to a efficient HelpDesk is the process underneath their structure and approach to servicing end-users.  At DaZZee we believe that no matter what the call or issue is, that you should either be following a process for resolution or documenting the process for resolution the next time.

With The DaZZee HelpDesk You Will Get

  • Live person answering the call
  • A Client Advocate that ensures that your issues are communicated and resolved to your satisfaction on every ticket
  • Complete tracking of the issue, who is assigned, work in progress or completed, and full accountability for timely resolution
  • Monthly report card of how we are addressing your issues and reducing the times that you need support

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