Scheduled Maintenance

In any organization you need to plan for updates, patches, log reviews, and other critical maintenance tasks.  In most organizations there is no process for this to be handled on a predictable and regular basis.  The end result is that critical items can be ignored and then ultimately create unnecessary risk and exposure to your organization.

Scheduled maintenance should be just that – scheduled and consistent.  Some tasks can be automated but there has to be a human interaction with it from a top level perspective to make sure logic is applied.  Simply setting up a patch management software or anti-virus update doesn’t cut it anymore.

With DaZZee’s Scheduled Maintenance You Will Get

  • Confirmed and accountable schedule for maintenance to occur
  • Hands-on review and assignment of critical tasks
  • Communication with end-users and any others that maintenance may affect to ensure it does not impact operations
  • Detailed reporting of tasks completed and why

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