Can We Help You?

DaZZee Integrations offers business technology services to meet the needs of small and medium sized businesses as well as large enterprise level solutions. Our solutions are based around best practices and business process we have gleaned over the past 20+ years in the industry.

Build Your IT

Technology is becoming increasingly complex for businesses today. So much so that it is almost impossible for the small and medium sized business to keep up on their own. DaZZee will work with your business to understand your business goals, operations, and timelines in order to design and build your technology infrastructure to support all of your business goals. We approach IT from the perspective that if you build it right the first time, it ultimately saves you time and money in the long run.

Secure Your IT

Small businesses are now the main target for network and security breaches. This is mainly because most small and medium businesses do not have the depth of expertise to properly build and secure the IT environment. DaZZee will work with your business to determine the proper process, infrastructure, and polices are implemented to properly secure your business from the bad guys.

Support Your IT

At the heart of any organization’s technology is the need to support the end users quickly and efficiently. DaZZee utilizes a centralized services approach to put the proper monitoring, remote support, and automation in place to support all aspects of your business. DaZZee does not outsource any of our client support so you can rest assured that you are dealing with a local tech that knows your business.

Improve Your IT

What good is it if your technology is static and not moving forward with your business? DaZZee uses data and advanced metrics to constantly improve your technology operations for both the present as well as forward looking operations in your business. We utilize scheduled business and technology alignment processes to make sure we are helping you use technology to grow your business, increase efficiencies, and cut costs on an ongoing basis.