Our Team

DaZZee Staff 2017

DaZZee Integrations has built our business and reputation on the quality, knowledge, and experience of our engineers. We have a local team of engineers that is unmatched in the area when it comes to expertise in network infrastructure, voice, and security products.

Shane Naugher – President / Engineer…the Big Boss

Alan Miller, Tech Admin…the New Guy

Eric Goethals – Network Engineer/VCIO…the Brains of the Operation

Terry Willson- Tech Admin…Mr. Nice Guy

Sharena Naugher, Director of Social Media and Brand Communication…Miss Perpetually Happy

Jennifer Hanner – Procurement and Smartnet Manager…the Chocolate Provider

Debbie Vangilder – Accounting Guru

Nathan Bunting – Proactive Services Engineer – AKA The Auditor

Wes Bowling, Vice President of Business Relations…the Pretty Boy