Our IT Company Stinks

Far too often businesses make the decision on which IT company to hire based on the completely wrong set of criteria.  The fact of the matter is that very rarely does a business decision maker really know how to properly decide on which IT vendor can deliver the results they need.    The process for selecting and IT vendor should be not the same process as choosing where to purchase IT hardware.  Hardware is a commodity and can be shopped and priced as such.  IT vendors are not a commodity because the end results can vary widely.

If your are asking questions such as, how many people do you have on staff or what is your response time or SLA, you are shopping for an IT vendor with all of the wrong questions.  Think about it, would you shop for a doctor by asking how many resources in the Emergency Room they have, or how about how quickly can you get to me once I am in the Emergency Room.  You wouldn’t.  You would make your decision on which doctor would have the results to keep you out of the Emergency Room.

If your current IT stinks, 9 times out of 10 it is because they have absolutely no process behind what they are providing.  Process is the recipe that provides the results.  Shooting from the hip without process is like throwing random food into a pan and hoping it turns out to be a cake.  Eventually you can get there but it is going to cost more money and take more time.

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