We Have IT Issues

Our Internet is down again!!  The accounting server won’t respond!  Shoot, what is this notice that my files are locked and I have to pay money to get them back??

If these or statements similar to them are issues that you hear within your workplace – You are missing out on the tremendous power technology has to impact your organization for the better.  Truth be told, most IT issues really are not that tough.  It just takes a process and diligence to that process to provide predictable results.  The sad reality is that most organizations run their technology by the seat of their pants.  No strategic planning, no advanced budgeting, and certainly no predictability in performance or reliability.  You don’t settle for those type of results in any other department within your organization, so why is it OK for your IT operations to work that way?

The bottom line is that most business owners or managers simply don’t understand technology and therefore don’t know how to evaluate it and what to expect from it.  There is a much simpler way to get results and that comes from a proven process to deliver those results time and time again.

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