We Lost Our IT Guy

The IT industry changes almost overnight.  Just a few years ago, the prospect of having a single person handle all of the technology needs and requirements of a small business was reasonable.  Now with the increases in security risks, the rise of mobile devices, the popularity of virtualization, and the addition of the Internet of Things, is it slim to impossible to find a single IT person that can handle all of the responsibilities that technology demands for a business of any size.  The average tenure for a small business IT person is roughly over 3 years.  That means that by the time you get someone at least somewhat familiar with your business goals, needs, and requirements, they are moving on to the next challenging technical job.

Instead of spending money trying to recruit for a position that is hard to find candidates for, and even harder to decipher if they truly know what they are doing, why not rely on a proven process and a team of experts with over 20 years experience in the industry.  Instead of getting a single person, you can get a team of engineers and more importantly a documented process for achieving your business results through technology.

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