Business Technology and The Impact to the Organization

An open discussion of items that can affect your organization.
Shane Naugher
A Business Owner’s Guide To Technology Podcast

We are super excited to announce our first ever Podcast launching in July..

Shane Naugher
DaZZee Is Recognized as Top 501 Managed Service Provider

On Tuesday June 26th, DaZZee Integrations was once again recognized in the..

Shane Naugher
Are You Missing Opportunities For Business Efficiency?

Recently I was on a flight from Philadelphia back to Springfield. I had a..

Shane Naugher
DaZZee Adds Aruba Networks To Our Products and Services


We are proud to announce we have added Aruba Networks as an incredible..

Shane Naugher
Software Developers Are Lazy And Are Putting You At Risk

Thats right, we said it... software developers are lazy!  


Why such strong..

Shane Naugher
Why the Client Experience is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING in business now.

As a business owner I have worked with numerous other businesses,..

Shane Naugher
What I Learned From Running Ultra-marathons and Running A Business

It is somewhere between 2:30 and 3:00am and the glow from my headlamp is..

Shane Naugher
The 3 Things In Technology Your Business Needs Embrace for 2018

2018 is here, and like it or not it's not slowing down for anyone. This is..

Shane Naugher
Should You Consider Outsourcing Your Help Desk?

For quite a few organizations one of the biggest frustrations is the..

Shane Naugher
Why So Many Business Owners and Managers Bury Their Head In The Sand On Security

Recently we had a client of ours get upset with our answer to a simple..

Shane Naugher
If It Ain't Broke.... Yeah Go Ahead And Fix It Anyway

If it ain't broke.... Don't fix it.

New Microsoft Workplace Analytics

Workplace Analytics is a program that helps managers determine staff..

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